Journeying Together to Know God's Love, and To Make Christ Known.

Pastoral Transition Update

"A Journey Between Pastors"


January 17th

During this time of transition at ERPC, the Session would like to update you on where we are as we move into 2022. We continue to pray for God’s guidance, and we’re confident that He is leading us into the next stage of our church’s ministry and growth.

•INTERIM PASTOR SEARCH—Our search in the fall of 2021 brought us five candidates; we had Zoom interviews with several of them and had one in-person interview. Three candidates withdrew, and we were unable to hire either of the remaining two for several reasons. We have resumed our search via advertising with the Denver Presbytery, regional presbyteries, and national Presbyterian publications. We are beginning the evaluation process with a new applicant and are awaiting material from a second new applicant.

After we fill the interim-pastor position, we will begin our search for a full-time pastor.
Per the Presbytery, the Interim Pastor leads the initial steps of this prescribed process.

•PASTOR HOUSING—Housing challenges so many people and employers, and ERPC is no exception. The Session has approved the rental of an apartment in Eagle Ranch for the use of our interim pastor. Lack of available housing was one of the barriers with our last group of candidates. There were literally no apartments available at that time, and ERPC was placed on several waiting lists. One unit became available in January, and the church has leased it.

Also, a committee has been formed to research full-time pastor housing. We anticipate the local housing market will remain difficult and inflated during our pastoral search.

•GUEST PREACHING—Gregg Messerole will speak at approximately three services each month. Other speakers will complete the pulpit roster.

•FINANCES—ERPC finances are stable. Pledges continue to be received, but the number of pledges is well below 2021. We encourage you to continue to support ERPC and request that you turn in your pledge so that we can finalize the 2022 budget.

•CHILDREN’S SUNDAY SCHOOL—ERPC has introduced a new children’s Sunday School program. Volunteers from the Christian Education Committee (and other members) are energetically implementing it.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to serve, please contact Amy in the church office, or one of us. We’d love to help you find or expand your ministry at ERPC!

We appreciate your continued prayers and support. 

Jan. 23rd. Installment of New Officers during the 9:30am Service
Jan. 23rd. Annual Congregational Meeting to approve the 2022 Budget. Immediately following the 9:30am Service.

December 28th
Gregg Meserole will be filling the pulpit January 2nd, January 9th, January 16th, January 23rd, February 6th, February 13th and February 20th. Norma Horton will be filling the pulpit on February 27th.

December 21st
As part of the ERPC Session’s visioning process as we seek an interim and then full-time pastor, the Session would like to announce that as of the end of the year, Jaclyn Soler will no longer be employed as ERPC’sChildren’s Ministry Director. We wish Jaclyn well as she moves into the next phase of her ministry.

Jaclyn’s responsibilities will now be shared by Lauren Noll (Spiritual Formation and Discipleship Elder), Lauren’s committee, and a volunteer staff who look forward to introducing a new children’s Sunday-schoolprogram in 2022.  If you have questions, please contact Lauren, or Norma Horton (Personnel Elder).

EPRC is excited to announce a new children's Sunday School starting January 2! Ages 0-3 are welcome to attend Nursery Care with Maeve and Nina. Children ages 3 years to 5th grade are encouraged to "travel" with Lauren and her volunteers on a 48- week journey through the Bible, starting in Genesis to explore the Old Testament, then adventuring to the life of Jesus and the New Testament. Arts, crafts, games, music, skits, and videos will drive this fun and instructive hour, and we're confident that the vigorously re-envisioned program will help our children grow in their faith and come to discover God's great love for them.

December 20th
Session has secured a two bedroom apartment in Eagle Ranch effective January 1st. Session is moving forward with posting both national and state-wide (Interim Pastor) Job Announcements.  Session is actively moving forward and feels confident that now that Housing is no longer an issue, the process of securing an Interim Pastor will be expedited.  

November 17
While Session has worked since the end of August with due diligence and prayer, we regret to say that our process to date has not resulted in a successful call to fill our transitional Pastor needs. We will let everyone know about any new developments as soon as we can.

One of our major challenges is housing, but please know that Session is exploring and investigating many different housing options!  In the meantime,  if you have any leads on local rentals, please email Jeff Fleming, Budget and Finance Elder: [email protected]

Please keep praying for ERPC during this transitional time, that God will supply all of our needs, and the Holy Spirit will continue to guide us as we seek His wisdom and direction. Session is confident that God will be faithful, but we will all 

have to be a little bit more patient than we originally thought. WE PUT OUR TRUST GOD. 

October 15
Session is delighted to let you know that we are moving into the in-person interview stage with our top candidate/s.

~ As you can image, FINDING HOUSING for our future Interim Pastor could prove to be a bit challenging! ~ If anyone has a lead on any local housing options, or any housing ideas, rental units, 1 or 2 bedroom apartments/condos that 
are PET FRIENDLY!  ~ PLEASE EMAIL: JEFF FLEMING (Budget & Finance Elder) at: [email protected]

October 5
The Interim Pastor Candidates were Interviewed on Monday and Tuesday! Session is very encouraged and is spending the next few days discerning, praying & listening for God's voice & guidance! Session meets again on Tuesday night, Oct 12th and will discuss next steps!! ~ As you can image, FINDING HOUSING for our future Interim Pastor could prove to be a bit of a slight barrier in this process! ~ If anyone has a lead on any local housing options, or any housing ideas (rental units, lock-off's, etc) PLEASE EMAIL: JEFF FLEMING (Budget & Finance Elder) at: [email protected]

October 2
We are down to TWO final Candidates. Interviews are on Monday & Tuesday (Oct 4 & 5). We ask for prayers for our future Interim Pastor! We also ask for your prayers of wisdom and clarity. Stay Tuned!

September 28th
Session has been busy this past week focusing on our 3 remaining Candidates! Session will complete all Reference-Calls
tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon. Session is encouraged and excited!  All final-candidate Interviews should wrap-up
within a week or so.  And if all goes as planned - Session will offer the position to one of the Candidates by October 15th!

September 21st
Session met again last night (September 20th) and is contacting references of the remaining candidates. Session has set a goal to interview each remaining candidate by the end of next week (October 1st).

September 15th
The Interim "Pastor Job Announcement" is currently posted in various media outlets both State-wide, as well as Nationally. Session is confident that our Interim Pastor will find us! Session will continue to accept and review every Applicant that we receive until the end of September.

Session met on September 14th and reviewed all of the Interim Pastor applications that we have  received thus far.
Over the next few days, Session is listening to each Applicants Sermons (online). Session will meet again on Monday night, September 20th to discuss immediate next steps. Session is feeling encouraged and hopeful!

Session asks for your prayers of wisdom and guidance during this entire process! They also ask for continued prayers for our future Interim Pastor (whoever he/or she may be)!  WE PUT OUR TRUST IN GOD.

Once our new Interim Pastor is hired, the ERPC Nominating committee will begin the process of nominating people to serve on the "Pastor Nominating Committee" (PNC).  Once the PNC if formed and finalized, they will begin the search process for our long-term, permanent Head Pastor. On average, this search process can take anywhere from 12 -18 months. If you would like to nominate someone (or nominate yourself) for the future "Pastor Search Committee" (PNC), please email the Moderator of the ERPC Nominating committee, Lauren Noll at: [email protected]g.