Worship Team


The worship experience at Eagle River Presbyterian Church is central to our congregational life. In worship, we are nourished spiritually, in community with others, and equipped to love and serve Jesus in the world. Servant opportunities include:

  • Set up chairs and worship space for 5:00 Journey service. Take down chairs for the 5:00 Journey service.
  • Set up the food, coffee, and welcome area for the Journey, our 5:00 worship service.
  • Operate Audio-Visual computer and system for the worship service (9:30 am or 5:00 pm).
  • Sing in the Choir
    Sing in the Praise Band
    Play in the Bell Choir
    Choir Librarian to keep track of choral music files

Do you have more questions about these opportunities or want to sign up, please contact¬†Ann Rosenwald [email protected]