Bible Studies

Pastor Rob Wilson is passionate about studying the Bible and has found in ten years of ministry at Eagle River Presbyterian Church, that there is a deep hunger in the congregation to "Journey Together to Know God's Love" through the study of scripture.  Our Bible Studies seek to explore God's Word in its original context so that we can faithfully apply God's inspired Word to our daily lives.

No previous Bible Study experience is necessary to participate and be a valued member of our studies.  Currently there are three weekly Bible Studies being offered at ERPC and occasionally we offer an intense "Bible in 90 Days" Reading Course .

Monday Morning Men's Bible Study:  This exegetical Bible Study meets at 7:00 am every Monday morning upstairs in the Church Library.  In addition to a strong fellowship of men, we enjoy studying a chapter every study.  Currently we are moving through the New Testament Epistles.  For more information, please contact Pastor Rob Wilson at [email protected]

Monday Morning Women's Bible Study:  This exegetical Bible Study meets at 9:15 every Monday morning.  In the Fall and Winter we meet upstairs in the church library.  In the Spring and Summer we meet at the home of one of our faithful members in Minturn.  Covering a chapter or two a week, we work through the entire Bible slowly but surely!  For more information or directions to our location in Minturn, please contact Pastor Rob Wilson at [email protected]

Tuesday Morning Men's Bible Study (and Mountain Bike Ride) in Eagle:  Several years ago, ERPC members in Eagle decided to start a morning Men's Bible Study led by Pastor Rob.  We meet at different homes and locations in Eagle each week at 7:00 am.  We are studying all three 'Synoptic' gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) and enjoy exploring the gospels side by side.  In the late Spring, summer and early Fall, we meet at 6:00 am to have a pre-study mountain bike ride on the trails around Eagle Ranch.  For more information or to be put on our weekly email list, please contact Alex Huck at: [email protected]