Our Strategy

Our Strategy


Strat.e.gy  :  noun  :  a plan of action or policy to achieve a major or overall aim.

We believe we are all here to Journeying Together to Know Christ's Love and to Make Christ Known. Our aim is that all of us would be good and faithful servants of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

The mission, vision & values of our church can be summed up by these three words: Theological. Missional. Relational.

Theological: Who is this about?

We seek to be a God-centered/Christ-centered community in all that we think, say and do. To be theological means that we are first and foremost a worshipping community whose sole purpose is to glorify God as our highest goal and enjoy Him as our greatest good. Practically, this means we love the scriptures and base our lives by responding to who God is.

Missional: What are we doing?

God is seeking to save and redeem people through His Son Jesus Christ. This shows his love for the world. To be a missional community is to be aware of and involved in what God is doing in the world around us. This has as much to do with the issues happening in our city as it does with our neighbors.

Relational: How are we doing it?

God, through the Gospel, has entered into a relationship with us; likewise, we are to be in relationships with others. If God is the focus and His mission the activity, then relationships are the context of our lives. The Church ought to be relational in everything, that we might reflect the character of God. By doing so, glory is given to Him and community is offered to us.

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