Our Belief

Our Belief

Our mission statement at Eagle River Presbyterian Church is:

Journeying Together to Know Christ’s Love and To Make Christ Known.

In living out our mission, we affirm that faith is a journey that begins with God’s invitation to all His creation to be in personal relationship with him. Faith is thus a response to God’s reaching out to us in love.

With all Christians, ERPC members affirm the orthodox belief and mystery of the Trinity, that God is One and yet revealed to us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We also affirm with all Christians that Jesus Christ is the incarnate Word of God, who fully reveals who God is to all humanity.

We believe that Scripture Alone is our authority in matters of faith and belief. We affirm Scripture to be the Inspired word of God that reveals to us all truths needed for salvation.

We believe that Faith in Jesus Christ Alone grants us grace for eternal life.

We believe that the Church is the gathered people of God in Worship and Fellowship and is the sent people of God to Serve as Christ’s Hands and Feet in the World.

If you have any questions about, or would like a fuller explanation of our beliefs at Eagle River Presbyterian Church, please do not hesitate to contact Pastor Rob Wilson [email protected]