Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement:

Journeying Together to Know Christ's Love and to Make Christ Known.

Vision Statement:

To be a community of believers that witnesses to the Heart of Jesus Christ in the heart of the Vail Valley


Christian faith does not have an "endpoint" or "destination" but is a journey.  We are not a church that has all the answers, but a church that asks good questions.  We respect the fact that members of our church family may be at different points on their journey of faith and celebrate the opportunity to walk this path...


Although faith is very personal, we feel it is best experience in community.  On our journey, we can encourage one another, pray for one another, support one another and challenge one another...

To Know:

Knowledge is both intellectual and emotional.  As a church family, we will endeavor to faithfully study God's Word through our Sunday morning services and community groups.  We will experience God's Word through our work, worship, and prayer.  What we will come to understand through this two-fold process is...

Christ's Love:

The living Christ taught of the Kingdom of Heaven but showed us how to experience that kingdom on earth.  His message was simple, "Love one another."  He demonstrated that love for each of us in his life and teaching and by his ultimate sacrifice on the cross.  He encouraged his disciples then and now to "Go out"...

And To Make Christ Known:

Our church family will be encouraged to take what we are learning and experiencing on our journey and share it with the world.  Our "witness" will be in serving the local and world community in creative ways, becoming an authentic community of faith, always inviting others to join us.